September 21st 2020

upcoming performance

Vaiko Eplik and Kristjan Randalu are celebrating 10 years of the duo.
The albums Kooskõla and Lahkhelid are now available on all major streaming platforms. 

October 9, 2020 

Vaiko Eplik & Kristjan Randalu

Jazzkaar Festival, Vaba Lava, Tallinn, Estonia

Vaiko Eplik & Kristjan Randalu


kristjan randalu & Dave Liebman

"Mussorgsky Pictures Revisited"

Mussorgsky Pictures Revisited


"The bandleader is a pillar of stability. He clearly is capable of breathtaking displays of technique and showmanship, but employs challenging runs with a noble conservatism." 


All About Jazz

"Absence, Randalu's ECM debut, ricochets its motifs and dark, rhythmic overtones with a singular sense of structure and improvisation."


The Herald

"Randalu’s always melodic, ever exploring style is a delight"

Kristjan Randalu "Forecast"

Kristjan Randalu, Ben Monder, Markku Ounaskari - "Forecast"